Structural and flexible formed foam systems

An interesting use of polyurethane is so called structural foam characterised by a thick and durable skin 

and internal flexibility at the same time. Such characteristics allow for creation of various utility elements

that combine aesthetics, comfort and sense of high quality. The structural foam technology is used to produce 

the majority of car steering wheels, headrests, armrests and seats of laboratory and industrial chairs.

Another interesting use is production of bicycle saddles and mattresses of operating tables.

Our company dedicates Ultrapol IS product line for this type of applications.

A separate group is our formed flexible foam, which is an exclusive alternative for a flexible foam cut from

blocks. We create products by pouring polyurethane to a mould that constitutes the final shape of a seat, a moulded piece

recreated this way provides the user with perfect comfort. We use this technology for production of car seats.

Ultrapol E is a line dedicated for formed flexible foam.

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