Advantages of Ultrapol RG 03/10 foam

Insulating house with Ultrapol RG 03/10 foam brings about numerous advantages:

Firstly: Ultrapol RG 03/10 foam is distinguished by very good adhesion. It adheres to all types of substrates: concrete, boards, rafters, membranes. (This feature of Ultrapol RG 03/10 foam provides buildings with acoustic insulation and protects them against wind, which finds even the smallest gaps and is the main contributor to excessive cooling of rooms). A building insulated using Ultrapol RG 03/10 foam is wind- and soundproof. Wind, which finds even the smallest gaps and is the main contributor to excessive cooling of rooms, is no longer a threat.

Secondly: Thanks to the catalyst system used in the formula of Ultrapol RG 03/10, the foam grows steadily and evenly during application. Layers placed one on another adhere to each other tightly. This limits production of openings and empty spaces to minimum. This significantly impacts insulating capacity. The smaller the cells in the foam are, the more the space for convective movement of carbon dioxide and air particles is limited. This impedes heat conductivity, impacts the lambda indicator and the efficiency of the entire insulating layer.

Thirdly: Different things happen during long-term exploitation of a building: a leaking roof or blowing snow. In such cases, Ultrapol RG 03/10 foam, which is distinguished by a very low water absorption, is a good choice. Ultrapol RG 03/10 foam put on water may float on it for many weeks without capillary water absorption. If we ensure appropriate conditions, Ultrapol RG 03/10 foam dries very quickly even after wetting, and, what is important, does not change its shape or dimensions. We may be sure that Ultrapol RG 03/10 foam will continue to fulfil its role after drying.

Fourth: Components used for production of Ultrapol RG 03/10 foam are carefully selected in terms of odour and volatile compounds emission. All come from renowned European producers operating in accordance with REACH guidelines. When applied, Ultrapol RG 03/10 foam does not give off an unpleasant odour, and the insulated room may be used after quick ventilation (there is no unpleasant smell during application and the room may be used right after insulation is complete).

Last but not least, one of the most important advantages of Ultrapol RG 03/10 foam is its fire resistance. Ultrapol RG 03/10 foam has E class flammability. What does that mean? The foam burns when in contact with a source of ignition, and goes out shortly after it is taken away.

To sum up, each foam, regardless of its producer, is a better insulation compared to traditionally used insulations. Of course, there are creatures that love the good old insulating method. These also include mice and martens that drill corridors and create nests there. For not entirely explained reasons, those creatures do not like polyurethane and avoid attics insulated with a foam 

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